The tomato aficionado

Henry Capricorn is tomato lovers and blogging about it. Why tomatoes? Because they are so versatile. And thrive even on the smallest balcony.

Between 3,000 and 10,000 tomato varieties, there will be in the world. Nobody knows for sure. They are red, yellow, green, orange, two colors, three colors, big, small, round, long, pear-shaped and they taste all different. Who intensively with the Solanum lycopersicum busy soon knows no boredom.

My tomatoes passion began in 2004, the trigger was a TV documentary.In it food technician took on the search for the “best tomato in the world” in order to disassemble flavor ingredients to artificially recreate and to spice finished pizzas and potato chips so. I went to look for seeds of these ominous tomato “Grappoli Corbarino” that is grown in a small village at the foot of Mount Vesuvius – and found them also.


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Without even thinking, I sank 120 seeds in the earth, and was 14 days later suddenly before 115 plants that took our entire (very small!) Garden in fog. “Little Shop of Horrors,” said the eyes of my wife.

But it had grabbed me. I tried more and more varieties and eventually came the time when I almost lost track. Especially so I decided to make a tomato blog set up, almost as a personal notebook. Perhaps, I thought, there are “out there” still more tomato aficionados?

And yes, there is this “tomato madman” – worldwide! They operate homepages, blogs, link up, are on Facebook represented and twitter, like me. They know each other, discuss, exchange tomato seeds, and sometimes you learn also personally know. My “tomato network” spanning now over half Europe, America, Africa, India as far as Japan.

Tomato plants

Tomatoes are simply amazing and are among the best fruits you can grow in your backyard. They are so simple to grow but it takes a lot of work to maintain the plant as it needs a lot of care. I simply love how there are so many varieties available and how you can just keep going for new plants while you are growing tomatoes. Tomatoes are actually a fruit but its considered a vegetable which is actually a common mistake that most people make. Originally found back when Columbus discovered America it was first considered poisonous but later on it became one of the most important delicacies among all parts of the world.

But why exactly tomatoes? Because it is easy if you follow a few things and would be sufficient a small balcony. First, the question arises, what varieties are preferred: for growing on balconies, I have very small stature plants cultivated, such as “Star Balcony”, “Bianca”, “Vilma” or “Cherry Red”. They are usually only about 50 centimeters high and carry a lot of fruit in a small space. “Balkonstar” & Co are even suitable for small flower boxes at the windows.

If you have a garden, you can dare even to the larger specimens: Bar tomato (high growing need to be connected, hence the name), vine tomatoes (grow more in width), cocktail or trusses (8 to 16 fruits per panicle) or beefsteak tomatoes (very large fruit, good for sauces suitable).

Personally, I am building in the garden only “Heirloom” -tomatoes so old varieties that have been passed down from generation to generation.Commercially very often tomatoes on offer, which carry a “F1”. These are hybrid varieties, in which the “good” properties of two tomatoes were crossbred. Sounds good, but: Who takes from this fruit seeds to grow them in the next season, will probably get a surprise. From the large, red beefsteak tomato perhaps can suddenly be a little yellow. The reason: The original features split up.


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If you want to try it yourself once, you should follow a few basic tips: Tomato plants need sun, the more, the better. In addition, you should make sure that the plants are protected from rain, otherwise the infamous “brown and blight” or other fungal diseases can occur and destroy the entire plant.

Tomatoes are “Stark Zehrer”, that is they need a lot of nutrients, especially potassium and phosphorus. They can be fertilized with commercial fertilizer or tomato with even an attached needle. Tomatoes are planted in a container, you should pour every day. However, you should make sure that no waterlogging is created and can drain excess irrigation water.
Staff tomatoes are “ausgegeizt”, that is, you break the side shoots from the axils of to take away the one or more main stems and inflorescences no force. The broken miserliness shoots can be crushed to the earth scatter. The nutrients are then delivered to the irrigation water to the roots.

Those who observe these tips will soon be little explosions of flavor with the home-grown tomatoes experience. And probably never draw back to the aqueous specimens from the supermarket shelf.