Onions are popular in any part of the world. Whether it’s Asia or whether it’s Africa, onions are popular in every part of the world. They are also easy to grow than most of the other types of vegetables and can be grown easily at home. They also require very small places to grow, so they won’t take up much space. They also take less time grow, meaning if you plant in the spring season, you can eat them in the winter. You will now learn how to plant onion sets.


How to Plant Onion Sets

Now first of all, you have to choose a type of onion which you want to grow. Like most vegetables, there are different types of onions too. The different types are good for different reasons. They have their own different color and their own taste. Then, they can be split into two types, one the long day type, the other the short day type. You should have understood what I meant by long day and short day. The days in winter are shorter than the nights. In contrast, the days are longer in summer than the nights. This means that the short day type of onion sprouts in winter and the long day type sprouts in summer. Long day type of onions grow best where it’s hot and humid and short day type of onions grow best where the climate is dry and cool. As I said before, there is some color variation between the different types of onions. The yellow onions are sweeter in taste than the red or white type of onions. The white onions have a sharper taste and red onions are often eaten raw, rather than being cooked. Because they have a very nice natural taste. Then you have to decide how you want to plant the onions. There are a couple of ways in which you can do it. You can either start from scratch or plant the onions with seeds or you can use onion bulbs to grow onion plants. The latter is more preferred as the plants that are produced from this type of bulbs are sturdier and stand up to poor weather much better than plants which are started from seeds. You can also chose to grow onions from cuttings, but they are difficult to produce and you will have to try a few times to get successful. Research on the internet on which type of onions to grow and the advantages of it. Also research how to plant them. You can also visit your closest seeds shop to ask about expert advice, there are also some websites on the internet which will gladly help if you ask questions and learn how to plant onion sets.

plant onion sets

Plant onion sets

After you have researched about everything, it’s time to decide when to plant the onion plants. Onions are easy to grow, but they can also become tricky if you mess up the time of planting them. If you are planting them in winter then it’s likely that they will die off rather quickly. As I suggested before, you should not start with seeds unless you are fully sure of what you are doing. If you decided that you will start from seeds, then you should move the plants inside as exposing the seeds to harsh climate might cause them to grow slowly or in an unhealthy manner. You should move the onion plants outside in the summer when there is less chance of the temperature to drop. Next you have to select the place to plant the onions. Fortunately onions don’t require very optimum places to grow. Their needs are like all normal plants. Choose a place where there is plenty of sunlight all year round. And make sure that you give them plenty of space to grow. Because the more space you give the onions the larger they would grow up to be. Also avoid planting them in places where they will be shaded by larger trees, because then they would not be getting sufficient sunlight and as a result they won’t be able to perform photosynthesis. Plant them in an open area where there are no obstacles and plenty of sunlight.

onion sets

Next, you have to prepare the soil for growing onions. This is something that you should not expertise in and it’s okay. You can take advices from experts from the store that you bought the seeds from on how to prepare the soil for onion growth. There are many advantages of preparing the soil for your use. This will set your soil up for the months ahead. There are different things that you can mix with the soil to make a fairly healthy soil with a good drainage. Also check in the seed packaging, the optimum pH for onion. You can alter the pH of your soil to match the required pH of the onions. Use fertilizer on the soil to increase the nutrition content in the soil. It will help for a better growth of the onions. Also be careful to remove the weeds around the plant. This is how to plant onion sets.