How to grow marijuana indoor?

At first the person who wants to grow marijuana has to select the type of seeds he wants to grow. There are different types of marijuana available. You need to make a space in order to grow the marijuana. The place must be well supplied with light. Make sure that the plants receives good amount of light. It will be great if it is possible to provide sunlight to the plants. You can select a place where there are lots of openings or windows available. If there is no way to supply sunlight then a high pressure sodium bulb in required during the first stages of growth. The next important thing one need to do this to germinate the seed. Make a shelf or anything you can place the soil in. Water the soil daily and then provide the seeds into the soil. Do not dig the seeds deep into the soil. Place in in the soil so that they are just covered by the soil. Immediately after germination be careful while watering. Over watering may damage the seed. Make a good drainage system so that the water can flow easily. Try to keep the place clean and maintain a good environment for the better growth of the plants.


How To Grow Marijuana Indoors

Try to keep good ventilation system as this will let the humidity inside the room be controlled. Proper ventilation system lets the air to flow inside and outside of the room and thus providing a better environment for the plants to grow. Fertilizers are important for the proper growth of plants. Fertilizers contains all the important ingredients a plant needs for better growth and development. There are different kinds of fertilizers. There are chemical and natural fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers might be cheaper to buy, but as the marijuana is grown for smoking, people suggest to use the natural fertilizer as the chemical fertilizer may produce marijuana or a lower quality. It may have undesirable smell or taste. The seeds should always be germinated in unfertilized soil as fertilized soil may cause damage to the seed. It is better to keep the seed in such a way so that the root of the seed is facing up as the root searches for the warmth of soil surface, draws near, then rotates toward the ground and pulls the opening leaves over the dirt surface. After planting the seed provide it with sufficient amount of light and water. If sunlight cannot be provided then use florescent light, as this is cool and does not heat up the plant. Small table fans can be used to provide sufficient air flow and control the temperature. This also control the humidity. The fan is imperative as the wind movement fortifies the strands in the stalk taking into consideration better survivability to go after the sun. As the young plant grows, transfer it to a bigger place if the current place is insufficient for the plant. During this time use a fertilizer which is high in nitrogen content as this will help for the growth of the plant. Read the instruction provided on the fertilizer packet and follow the instructions. Using too much fertilizer can cause damage to the plant. So be careful while using the fertilizer. While using pesticides, try to use green pest as this is environmental friendly and is less harmful for both plants and human being. Read the instructions carefully before using the pesticides as this may cause harm to the plant. Take proper safety precautions before spraying the pesticides as pesticides are harmful for the health. It may cause breathing problem if inhaled. Do not provide the plant with twenty four hours light as this may cause damage to the plant. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature in the place where the plants are being grown. You can do artificial pollination between the male and the female flower to produce more flowers. Growing marijuana indoor is safer, as this prevents the chance of being stolen.

When to plant a garden?

Planting a garden requires planning and structure. Different vegetables and fruits grows at different times and have different growing conditions. Thus one needs to plan by knowing the seasons for different vegetables and fruits, while some vegetables and fruits grows throughout the year. Plan everything for your garden. The place you are going to plant the garden is very important. Keep note about the watering system to that place. Try to keep it close to your house as this will make your work easier. Ensure good security if the place and try to find the best soil available nearby.when to plant a garden

Try to start with a small garden. Initially trying to plant a big garden may be unsuccessful. Start with a small garden and expand it as you will grow more plants. Drainage system is an important part in a garden. Make sure that the water supply to the place is sufficient for large amount of plants. The person planting the garden can take advice from experts or professional gardeners. They are also look for help on the internet. Controlling the best in the area is very important and it is recommended to use green pest as it is environmental friendly. This causes less harm to the plant and the human being. There are list on the internet about the different vegetables and fruits and in which season they grow best. There are books available where you can find about this. Try to follow a trusted website on the internet to know about the planting table. This will give you an idea about the different seasonal vegetables and fruits and when they grow best. Lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli grows wells during the winter while tomatoes, peppers etc. grows well in the summer. Before planting the seeds the soil should be examined properly and proper amount of water should be provided to the soil.  Use fertilizers for better growth and development of the plant. Plant how you want your garden to be. You can plant the plants in a row or by raising garden beds. Planning before planting a garden is the most important thing.