Growing garlic is quite easy, as it does not depend much on the climate. It takes quite some time to grow, but in the end of the season, you will have a lot of garlic for you and your friends. Here are some ways in which you can grow garlic. So first decide when to plant garlic.

You can plant the garlic with the regular garlics that you consume but I suggest that you buy garlic cloves or seeds from the nursery stores to make sure that your plant grows better. They will also be able to advice you on the type of garlic that grows better in your area. If you know which type of garlic grows better in your area then you can go online and shop easily. They have a lot of varieties on the internet. You will find garlic that grow better in cold and some that grow better in the midst of heat. Choose your type and buy them. Now keep in mind that the garlic you consume might be transported from places far away, so they will most probably not be suited for your climate. So I suggest that you don’t use them unless you are sure. There are different times to plant garlic in different climates. If you are living in an area that is closer to the poles, then you should plant them in the winter. As it will make your garlic larger and most flavored. But on the other hand, if you are living in a place where there is a lot of heat then you should plant it in the summer instead. But be sure that you plant the garlic before the snow covers the ground.


How to Grow Garlic In Spring or Fall - Complete Growing Guide

Like, every plant that you garden, make sure to plant the garlic in a place that has access to plenty of sunlight. When you dig the soil to put the seeds or clove, make sure that the soil is well nourished. Add fertilizers if required so they grow strong and healthy. When you put the garlic clove in, make sure that you don’t peel off the papery skin that surrounds it. And also make sure that the root is pointing downwards. You don’t want the garlic to be growing in wrong directions. After that, cover them with a lot of soil. In case of all the vegetable and fruit plants, you have to make sure that you mulch the area heavily after you put the seeds in them. Now after some time, you will see that shoots will emerge from the ground, cut them, as they will only draw energy from the bulbs of garlics, resulting in smaller bulbs. Always make sure to keep the garlics watered. Dehydration is very bad for plants. Even more dangerous to plants than dehydration is to humans. Water them after a couples of days every time. But keep in mind they don’t need to be watered in the winter when they will receive a lot of moisture from the snow. If you see that the shoot are not growing as healthily as you imagined, then you can add fertilizers to it. It is also a good idea to keep the area around the garlic weeded so that any other plants won’t grow around it. This means that it will not have to compete with other plants in order to grow. IT won’t have to fight for food or water.

when to plant garlic

Lastly, you will need to know, when to harvest the garlics and when to plant garlic. If you have planted the garlic cloves in the fall or winter then you will probably need to harvest them in June or July. You will see that the top part of the plant, the shoot, will begin to die off and will start to pale. Don’t harvest too fast or too late. Harvest too fast and you not find the bulbs tasty. Harvest too late and you will see that they won’t cure properly. You have to remove the bulbs from the ground. Use a spade to do so. You can brush off the dirt from the soil. You can also leave the shoots attached to the bulb. You have to keep in mind that after removing a fruit or vegetable from the tree, you have to cure them. Garlics normally take about two weeks to cure. So, let it cure before you use it. You will see that the skin of the garlic will become dry and the bulb will get much tougher. Place the garlic in a cold or dry place when you are curing it. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to leave the stems attached to your bulb or not.

You should how a normal garlic feels like, the exterior of the garlic, the skin is dry and papery. Use them when you see that the skin has become dry and papery. Now after you have consumed your share of the garlics, you should keep some for the next season. Choose the best looking and healthiest bulbs to plants for the new garlics arriving next season to be large and tasty. Also now you know when to plant garlic.