Gardening tools are usually very strong and sturdy, and if taken good care of then they can last a long long time. On the other hand, if you don’t take care of them, then they might not even last a month. And if you leave them in the open then gradually they will catch rust. Rust is like cancer to these tools. However, there are ways you can recover your tools to their past form, but it will take some patience and here are some ways you can do it.

You have to clean your gardening tools to prevent the spread of diseases from one plant to another. Gardening tools can spread infections from one plant to another. And when you clean your tools make sure that you clean all the moisture as well. Because moisture on iron tools will cause them to rust pretty soon. Rust will damage your tools greatly. Make sure that you clean every corner of the tools and you can also use household cleaning agents to clean your tools. Cleaning your gardening tools will help to keep them for a longer time. Also you have to realize that keeping them sharp will help to keep them safe. Blunt tools often require greater force. And greater force increases the chances of danger when you are using it. It will also cause less damage to the plants which are cut. If you are using a blunt edge it will cause all sorts of damage to the surrounding cells of the leaf that was cut. They will take a lot of time to recover and sometimes they might not recover at all. It also decreases the chances of the plant getting infected.


Choosing the Right Garden Tools for Your Vegetable Garden

When you are cleaning a tools, you need to clean the big dirt’s first. Like the big chunks of debris. You need to take special care of the edges. As they are parts that will require most attention. Do not take your time if you have used it on something like cement. Because when cements dry they will harden and will damage your tool completely. Especially if they are in the edges. They will make your tools’ edges blunt and blunt edges damage plants a lot. Don’t give cements the chance to dry, clean then when they are still moist. After you have cleaned the corners and edges, water the tools as they will remove any small particles hiding inside the tools. Then leave them to dry on your balcony or the gardening for that matter. After the have dried, add some oil to the tools.

Using substances like kerosene will help as they can be used as cleaning agents for dirt’s which are sticky and refuse to come off. When you are cleaning you also get a good chance to examine your tool in many ways. IF you see that your tools is damaged then avoid using it. Damaged tools are dangerous for you and your plants. You never know when they break down and you can seriously damage your fingers or hands or even your eyes. They also cut unevenly and may cut places of the plants that you might want to cut. They cause cell damage in your plants and are very unreliable. Once a plant is damaged they are prone to any outside infections as their cells are exposed to the atmosphere. And once a plant is damaged like this, there is a high chance that they will die soon.

Gardening tools

Gardening tools

You have to clean your tools every time you use them. This will significantly decrease the chances of them getting rust. Rust is the last thing you want your tools to get. They are extremely dangerous for your tools and they will damage their performance a lot. Also when you clean and when you garden, make sure that your tools are not exposed to water for long periods. Water is the thing that causes rust. Water combines with the iron in the tools and then causes rust. Rust is actually iron hydroxide. It’s red in color. I am sure you had many things that were rusted and you will also know how rust damaged them. Rust is extremely dangerous to metallic things. So make sure that your tools don’t get exposed to water for long periods of time and if you see that they are wet, then leave to dry. But don’t leave them outside as they will get more exposed to the outside environment which might have more dangerous elements. Next, once you have cleaned your tools, make sure that they are stored properly in a safe where can be left to dry. Don’t clump them together, as when two sharp tools clash, they might damage their sharpness. Its best if you keep them separately where they can be left to dry until they are used again.

Some of the best gardeners in the world have very different methods that they use. By different methods I mean things that you everyday gardeners won’t even think of. They gain years and years of experience in this field and then use them regularly. You can store your tools in a bucket of sand once you have cleaned them with water. Keeping them in sand will cause them to dry up more quickly and this will also help you to prevent rust.