Build a Raised Garden Bed In Backyard

The back yard is bare, so why not create a few beds? Unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple. When and how you should be as a tenant for gardeners.Build a Raised Garden Bed

The Tenancy is a jungle. Anyone who wants to fulfill the dream of urban garden, has to avoid many pitfalls. The most important tip: Always talk to all and keep the results in writing. Because it has already processed a handful of apples.

Behind our apartment house is a green area. Can I make gardens there?

In multi-family homes only if explicitly is in the lease that the green area or a part thereof is corented. There is no common law, after about the first floor tenants alone is likely to use the space. Often in the contract or the house rules that it is available to all tenants. According to Ulrich Ropertz the German Tenants’ Association, there are three variants: The green around the house is just to look there; the green is rented to individual parties; or all the tenants are allowed to use it. A verbal agreement can be revoked at any time the owner. For single-family houses of the garden in principle applies, according Mieterbund as corented – unless the contract is expressly provided otherwise.

On my utility bill appeared on a post for garden maintenance. Then I can also use the garden surely?

Not necessarily. According to federal court, the landlord must provide garden maintenance also charged if the renters the garden may not use or can: Taking care of the grounds increasing the quality of living. If only certain tenants use is allowed, the costs may not be recovered in all.

The use of garden is available for all tenants in the contract. Can I create a Gurkenbeet?

Joint garden use means, first, that the tenants can sunbathe in the open or dry your clothes and that their children can play here. As a rule establishes house rules, what is allowed and what is not. A thicket of judgments testifies disputes. Under no circumstances a tenant may be tapped a corner, possibly fence off and put on a bed, because then he withdraws it the other equal users.

“In a common use, it is usually excluded that individual parties make parts of the garden itself,” says the lawyer Gerold Happ from owners association Haus & Grund. In-rise condominiums that owners’ meeting clarifies those questions.

And if we all agree that we want the Gurkenbeet?

Then you should convince the landlord that he allowed a city backyard.”If all tenants agree, he will probably approve the proposal rather,” says lawyer Happ. A majority was not enough, because the Garden “will bring only conflict in the house” then. The result, hold them in writing and signed by all parties . Do not only to protect itself from that of the owner changes his mind; it may also be that tenant no longer go along new tenants should declare the contract their consent Best Community lays equal fixed by house rules, such as.. tasks are distributed. It is possible to, for example, that although all agree that there is the garden, but not all want to work or can.

Oh, that is difficult. Keep up tomatoes in containers at least I?

On shared surfaces planters and garden furniture are allowed if they endanger anyone – so do not represent a tripping hazard and do not crash into a window at the first gust of wind. The owner, however, can by House Rules Limitations pretend, for example, that furniture must be put away again, lest individual tenants reserve the most beautiful corners of its own.


How to Start a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Your Backyard

Can I the lessor dictate what I have to do in a rented garden?

Who has rented a garden, usually also has the duty to take care of him.Without special agreements but simple tasks are meant to keep the garden in good shape: mowing lawns, flowerbeds dig, rake leaves. Even the trimming of trees and shrubs, or scarifying the lawn no longer belong to that is work for professionals.

So I can plant in the garden hired what I want?

In borders. The homeowner may not specifically dictate which plants he should use the tenant. So you can freely snout sow flowers on existing beds or put salad. It becomes more difficult when you dig up the lawn to create a flower bed. Every major redesign, you should check with the owner. Existing trees and shrubs must remain; whether tenants can plant large crops without consultation, see food differently. The tenant must in principle be able to restore the old state when it takes off. Can I reap the benefits? Who alone has rented a garden and taken over the care, may harvest fruit and vegetables, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Especially since the landlord may enter the rented garden nor without your consent as the rented apartment. But beware: If you damaged a fruit tree – for example, because it curtails him improperly or while picking larger branches breaks – must pay the damage under certain circumstances. In the common garden you should regulate my garden right, as the fruits are distributed. Even a few apples processes have already been performed.

What’s with tomatoes on the balcony?

Balcony and the apartment belonging terrace are allowed to use on your taste tenants. The landlord must putting up garden furniture or flower pots, boxes and pots not prohibit. You must be securely fastened and the tenant must be careful neither to damage the appearance of the building walls and railings. Wine or ivy, you should not be climbing on the wall rather that damages the plaster.

tomato on balcony

Tomato on balcony

On the sidewalk in front of the house, a tree with a little earth is around it. May I as Sow flowers?

In theory, no: Tree and bedding are a matter for the local authority. Probably the plantlets is no tear, but again: Talking to each other is more secure. Who do you best to ask, is different because of various administrative structures from place to place. It is best to inquire first with the smallest unit in the municipality administration about. The can if necessary refer them to environmental, road or garden office.